Top 10 Best Android Applications of 2013

By: Android Apps | Views: 3345 | Date: 01-Jan-2013

Here we are providing Top 10 Best Rated Android Applications with their uses. These are the top rated Android Applications of 2013.

Best Android Apps 2013


In Top 10 Best Rated Android Applications first one is Facebook and this is a word which is familier with everybody.This Fb app of Android is widely used by people in their Tablets and Smartphones.People like to get in touch with this social media.

Angry Birds

This is a popular game which is like by people because of its accessories,toys etc.Basically it is originated from iphone but now it become one of the most popular game of Android.

SwiftKey X

This is an application which is very useful.This is a virtual keyboard which predict and correct your word through Gmail,Fb,SMS,Twitter accounts.This is not free.

Dialer One

This application is used to make quick calls.This application provides yo all call detailslike all missed,received.dialed calls.You can redial the numbers with this app.

Google Reader

This is a wonderful app for all type of readers like people like Tech News,Gadgets etc.This Android Reader provides simple and easy way to get all type of content you need like Tech Feeds,News etc.


This is the application that helps to browse news,latest stories and efficient way to get in touch with world.This is easy to use and people can use it in free time.

SMS Collection

Sometimes we want messages for special occasion,b’days,Gud Morning sms or whatever you want that is just few clicks far from you by this app.This application has  a huge SMS collection,You have to just press 1 button to copy SMS and then go to “Write New Message” and send it to anyone.

Google Maps

This app is common in every smartphones now.Everybody like to use this app.People use it to find distance between places,live position,to find best way and much more.Even you can share your live position with others.This is one of the best application which is free of cost.

Pandora Radio

This year this app comes in top 10 best rated android applications.Pandora Radio is very useful application for music lovers.Just go and create account after that you are able to choose your favorite artist,singer,band and then collection of your favorite one is easy available.

TV Guide Mobile

If you want to access your current local TV then this app plays a wonderful  role.You can access to your favorite channels through this.Even you can set reminders for favorite programs to catch Live action for thrill.

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